Saturday, 4 February 2012

Episode 1 - The First Picture Show Podcast

Welcome to the first post from The Last Picture Show Podcast Companion!!!

You can now visually see the drivel-stream that flits across our minds when we record the podcast!

Eddie Murphy's fall from grace
Golden Globes
The Artist trailer
Audiences walking out of The Artist
Grindhouse Trailers
Blue Cock's
3d Technology
The Iron Lady and Ronald Raygun
J Edgar Trailer
The Man of the Moment, Michael Fassbender
50/50 Not a lighthearted comedy!!!!
Jodie Foster's Beaver
Sopa Bring on the Nerds
Film Nostalgia
More Film Nostalgia
Hey Paul Moment
Guesty's Hey Paul Moment in 1 video!!!
Lost Finale - Meh

Thank you for listening - Enjoy!

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