Friday, 24 February 2012

Episode 5 - A Family Affair

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Stitcher - Smart Radio!
Our new feature
American Movie - Bear with it
One from the Golden Age of indie film
Best scene in American Movie
Hey Paul
Torture Porn - Bloody Rubbish!
A Real Horror Film (Echoes of the Prometheus Trailer Anyone??)
Banned Films
Spiderman 3 in a nutshell
Movie Deaths
Bill Shatner......................Clip 
Sean Connery - Bit old fashioned?
The real League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Allan Quartmain
Mario Van Peebles finest hour
We weren't joking about Jaws 4!
C'mon it can't be that bad
I think we're gonna need a bigger boat
Guestys Guest
Great rant about pretention
For your consideration
I've found Eddie's birthday present!
Sibling Rivalry
Choose your infinity
Eddie's claim to fame
And I jizz in my pants
The Puffin Sailor Pitch
The Midlands Mike Leigh
Tyrannosaur - nothing to do with Jurassic Park
Little White Lies

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