Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Burning Questions For The Dark Knight Rises

As is usually the case this time of year, the summer of 2012 is full of intriguing films, some already in theatres, and some set to come out in the near future. So, whether you are the type to rush out to the cinema to see a brand new film, or someone who waits until the film is available online and via apps on your O2 mobile network, the summer cinema season is a time to get excited about. This particular summer, a large portion of this excitement is centred around the finale to Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. Here are a few of the burning questions fans have leading into the highly anticipated release of The Dark Knight Rises.

  • The first, and biggest question is simple: who wins? While the title of the film suggests a triumph for Batman, there is also a great deal of evidence that points toward the Dark Knight’s defeat. One poster for the film, now infamous, even shows the new villain (Bane) walking away from a cracked Batman mask lying in the street. Additionally, Bane is known from comic books as Batman’s biggest challenge, and even the man who breaks Batman’s back. With director Christopher Nolan emphatically claiming that he will take this franchise no further than a 3rd film, one has to wonder if, perhaps, Batman will fall – though the best guess is still that he “rises.”
  • Who is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character? As soon as the young star signed on for the film, rumours began to swirl about who he’d play. Would he be Robin? Would he be a villain? In fact, some even wondered whether Gordon-Levitt would be taking up Heath Ledger’s Joker character after Ledger’s tragic and untimely death. In fact, if you find pictures of them with similar hair, Gordon-Levitt and Ledger share a rather striking resemblance…. As it turns out, Gordon-Levitt is playing the part of John Blake, a Gotham City cop – but is that really all there is to him?
  • Will we like Catwoman? This is a strange character, both in film history and in the comic books, and there never seems to be a definite answer as to whether she is bad or good. This begs the question of what we are to expect from Anne Hathaway’s version of the character in Nolan’s latest effort. The previews seem to suggest that she is on Batman’s side, but ultimately she remains ambiguous, for now.
  • Finally, will Alfred sacrifice himself for Batman? The previews offer a few subtle hints that might suggest as much. This particular film franchise has worked hard to establish Alfred as, in some sense, “all Batman has,” which is even more true now that Rachel has perished. In the trailers, Batman remarks that he hasn’t yet given Gotham everything, and Alfred states that he’s buried enough members of the Wayne family, and won’t bury another. Are these specific, subtle hints, or merely curious lines?

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